A former English colony, Belize is the only English-speaking country among all its neighbors in Central America.

Among its most famous islands (San Pedro, Ambergis Caye and Turneffe Atoll) which stretch over a long coral reef of over two hundred kilometers, there are aquatic activities to admire a breathtaking marine fauna. Its continental potential is quite neglected, yet its huge tropical forest has many Mayan sites including the Petén where sometimes it is difficult to access.


Despite its poverty, tourism in Guatemala is gradually developing. It is a country rich in volcanic landscapes welcoming lakes like Atitlan.

The main activity is trekking on its high volcanoes in activities of more than three thousand meters of altitude, offering varied vegetations and sumptuous views. The discovery of its culture remains authentic, with a welcoming population that goes down to more than sixty percent of the Mayans, and by its unique archaeological sites like the Tikal.


This small country is very little known and very little sold in travel agencies, certainly because its situation is geopolitically unstable.


Yet El Salvador offers safe places for tourists such as the beautiful beaches on the Pacific where surfing is the main activity, twenty-two volcanoes some of which contain beautiful crater lakes, and the Montecristo and El National Parks Impossible where you cross a cloud forest on the way.


Known as the most dangerous country in Central America, Honduras is starting to sell to tourists in secure areas.


Through its exceptional fauna and flora on the Caribbean coast including the archipelago of Bahia, tourists can admire the second largest barrier reef in the world.

The ruins of Copán (Mayan ruins) and some parks and nature reserves in the east offer hiking activities.



Nicaragua is the neighboring country of Costa Rica. He is known to be his tourist twin by being less expensive.

Very little available on the travel market, this country offers a multitude of places and activities to discover, such as surfing the ashes of the Cerro Negro volcano and the volcanic beaches of the Pacific, hiking in the jungle around Lake Managua, relax on the Corn Islands in the Caribbean on its white sand beaches.

Costa Rica


Costa Rica is renowned for being the most environmentally friendly country in the world with more than eighty percent of its electricity generated by wind turbines and tidal turbines.

Despite a massively established tourism in recent years in every corner of the country, there are some unknown addresses of tourists and travel agencies that deserve their place. National parks offer us an authentic flora in varied landscapes and animals are in complete freedom.



Panama is as rich in tourist places as Costa Rica.


Often sold for these islands jewelry with the Archipelagos of San Blas, Las Perlas and Bocas del Torro; other places worth visiting include the Chiriqui region and its Baru volcano, the beaches of the Pacific Ocean with deserted islands to visit in the regions of Arco Seico and Occidental, as well as the region of Darien located near from the Colombian border, inhabited by the Indians of Panama.



Mexico is widely sold for its Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and Tulum, as well as for its turquoise blue seaside side of Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Yet the interior of this country offers Mayan ruins and magnificent waterfalls on the road to Palenque and San Cristobal de las casas, a wild and pretty Pacific coast on the side of Puerto Escondido, while passing by Bacalar Lake near Chetumal at the border of Belize offering seven wonderful blues or middle of the cenotes.



Colombia is a country rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.


In recent years, Colombia has stabilized and secured in its guerrillas to make way for tourism. It welcomes its tourists in two beautiful and distinct deserts, Tatacoa and Guajira; on its two seaside coasts where each have their own jewels to offer, Pacific and Caribbean; and in its mountain center where the Mayan remains and historic towns intertwine.


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