Cuba had a strong influx of people over the past three years, including the opening of direct flights from Florida.

An island that attracts curiosity by its economic and trade embargo in the sixties. These cities with old-fashioned walls and old cars, have developed a mass tourism on the side of Varadero and Havana where Resorts All Inclusive are present. The rest of the island offers a more rural approach with tobacco fields towards Cienfuegos, musical in Trinidad, and historic Santa Clara.

Dominican Republic

This island, more commonly known as Santo Domingo, shares with Haiti the mythical island of Hispaniola, discovered by Christopher Columbus.

The Dominican Republic is one of the first tourist destinations of the Caribbean, in front of Cuba. However, the memories of conquest and colonization are paradoxically less numerous to have given way to mass tourism occupied by Resorts All Inclusive as far as the eye can see. An inexpensive destination that offers a dream vacation with ease.

Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is an island in the United States where its cultural background and history are undeniably Hispanic.

Its many beaches with fine, clear sand, dotted with coconut palms, attract more than two million visitors each year. Its preserved and wild forests in the center of the island attract as much as its illuminated beaches at night with bioluminescent micro-organisms. The architecture of Old San Juan remains the witness of the history of the island.


This beautiful island is known for the Rastafari movement that Bob Marley made known in the 1970s.

Rich in its colonial, musical and sporting history, Jamaica offers tourists eleven kilometers of white sand lined with turquoise water on its north coast, with a wilder nature in the regions of Saint Ann, Saint Mary and Portland. One of the best cafes in the world is in the Blue Mountains and the Saint Elizabeth region tends to be discovered with its Black River and waterfalls.

Bahamas Islands

It is a state of the United States which has no less than two thousand seven hundred flat islands in the shape of a rainbow, fringed with beaches and coconut palms.

In the center of these islands we find dry forests and mangroves, surrounded by coral reefs ranked among the largest in the world. On the Nassau and Freeport side a lot of holidaymakers and cruise passengers stay in exorbitant prices, and on the outer islands the holidays are going quietly with the trade winds and masses.


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