The Travel Marketing is the marketing partner of Damselfly from the beginning : 
In less than 6 months of opening, we became the tourism partner of some travel agencies including SALMON Voyages for Costa Rica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic
After our first IFTM show in Paris in september 2018, we were immediately liked by Carole of travel agency cause of our original circuits. A promising start to a partnership on Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.
For this second year, we are pleased to be partnering with Un Autre Monde Voyages. In order to offer cultural exchanges on Panama and Colombia through off-the-beaten-track trips, in contact with locals and far from mass tourism. Thank you for your trust, Frédéric.
The Ladies Voyages have succumded to our authentic trips for this end of second year. Unique travels between girls to Jamaica and Panama to begin, then to Colombia and the Dominican Republic in the course of 2020. A promising partnership for unique clients.
The company ELIRO, specialized for the Business Committee, has decided to widen its offers on Central America and Caribbean for its next 2 years. Stays and Seminars,  unique and authentic, for the happiness of the employees of each BC.

Damselfly, S.A.
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