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There are places where everyone goes on holiday because it's well, it's beautiful, and it's fashionable...

And finally, we are disappointed to all find ourselves there at the same time!


There are other places, close to those where everyone goes, but where no one adventures there because it is off the beaten track and it is not written in tourist books...


This is what our receptive agency Damselfly Travel offers you: to travel against the current and out of the ordinary!


These are authentic and unique travels, off the beaten track, punctuated by encounters with indigenous communities, activities or stays with the locals and in organic fincas, nights on deserted islands, visits to factories musical instruments, cooking classes in the heart of local markets...


We offer more than travels, we offer experiences through other cultures and nature that has not yet been destroyed by mass tourism!


Damselfly Travel is a receptive travel agency, opened since March 2018 in Panama by Sophie, a French traveler and dating enthusiast in Central American countries and the Caribbean islands.

Her love of dating has allowed her to build a local network in each proposed country in order to share authentic, unique and off-the-beaten-track experiences with her clients.




Damselfly, S.A.
Panama licence: 155661234-2-2018 DV 54

Colombia licence: NIT 9013739184 - Mat 03230155

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