Image by Jonas Dücker

Day Trips from the city

Sometimes a few hours isn't enough to explore the best locations in Panama. We invite you to get mesmerized by the unique panamenian beauty, found in its history, fauna and flora.

  • A full day of wildlife and nature while visiting the Panama canal

    150 Panamanian balboas
  • Get amazed by the Agua Clara Locks and the history behind San Lorenzo

    150 Panamanian balboas
  • Get to know the Embera Tribe and visit a beautiful waterfull nearby

    120 Panamanian balboas
  • Relax on one of the Caribbean island while visiting the Portobelo Fort

    150 Panamanian balboas
  • Connect with nature and discover the beautiful landscapes in Anton

    150 Panamanian balboas
  • Spend a day full of activities visiting a local farm and a canyon rive...

    150 Panamanian balboas
  • Get in love with Contadora Island and it's beautiful beach in Perlas I...

    145 Panamanian balboas
  • Disconnect in the San Blas paradise through amazing landscapes

    115 Panamanian balboas
  • Whales season in Panama ! Enjoy watching this amazing show from natur...

    175 Panamanian balboas