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Panama City Tours

Discover the city through our small local tours with english & spanish guide. Get a short but delightful trip to learn more about panamanian culture and history. 

  • Half Day Tour at the Panama Canal Locks and the Monkeys Islands.

    95 Panamanian balboas
  • Explore the Old & Modern City on a bike.

    25 Panamanian balboas
  • Sightseeing tour around Panama.

    70 Panamanian balboas
  • Local food degustation and learning about culture and panamenian histo...

    50 Panamanian balboas
  • Enjoy local art in Panama while getting into the country's culture

    25 Panamanian balboas
  • Enjoy a morning walk to the top of Panama City sharing history.

    25 Panamanian balboas
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